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indiana pacers unofficial community

indiana pacers

Indiana Pacers
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This is the first ever Indiana Pacers dedicated Live Journal community so unless an official one opens which I doubt very much then this is the one to join. We currently have over 100 members which you can get your views on the Pacers and their performances across. Before joining could you please read the rules below and if you can abide by them all then we'd be happy to have you as another member.

If you join could you please add 'indiana pacers' to your interest list and invite other Pacers fans to join our community. Members do not have to be fans of Indiana Pacers but if you aren't a fan please be respectful to the community. If you're not, you'll probably get banned or something.

If you want to get in contact with maintainance about any issues at all then the maintainer of this community is eamer

[x] Please respect the community, do NOT abuse it, any of the members or anything/anyone related.
[x] Racism will result in an instant ban even if it is against a different team, not Indiana.
[x] If a member is not a Pacers fan, treat them just the same as you would anyone else.
[x] Posting access is for members of the community only, if you annoy intensely or abuse anyone you will be banned.
[x] The purpose of the community is to get views accross, do NOT swear at members because they hold a different opinion.
[x] If you are posting an image please put it under an LJ-Cut
[x] Please, no advertising. This community is for discussions on The Pacers!